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What is Lynk Events?

Lynk was started with the ambition of hustling. I was 18 years old and hungry to make a buck. My addiction to hustling started with the simple job of driving my student friends to the airport. At the time, the money was negligible. I made pretty much enough to cover petrol and my next night out. My hustling journey then took me into bartending at both commercial bars, and at private events. I was making money and learning about an industry. Then came The Loft, a student nightclub and events company. The Loft was created on the foundations of a failed whiskey bar, called Hanks. Hanks closed down due to unprofitability, so we reformed it into a bar that attracted students. Through my experiences of running The Loft, I learnt about the inefficiencies of the commercial events industries.

The key issues were:

· Lack of ticket sales leads to poor profitability.

· Venues willing to accommodate you had to be approached in person and communication was done over email or WhatsApp.

· Many new DJs found it hard to land their first gig.

· It was hard to gauge the experience level of a DJ.

· Communicating between event entities was difficult.

· Overcapacity events led to decreased customer satisfaction.

To help future event organizers mitigate these problems, we started designing Lynk. Lynk is a marketplace for throwing good parties. Lynk integrates venues, DJs and event organizers into one platform.


The Lynk Entities:

Sign-up is simple and free. DJ and venues register themselves along with their key information. An event organizer should be able to easily gauge the success of a venue or DJ by simply looking at their profile page.

Information captured for a DJ:

  • Previous performance history

  • Bio

  • Mix links

  • Genres

Information captured for a venue:

  • Capacity

  • Rental fee

  • Location

  • Types of events that they support hosting

  • Opening and closing times

  • Nights of the week they allow events

  • Headline performers

The Lynk Marketplace:

The profiles of venues and DJs then enters a marketplace where they can be viewed by event organizers. The marketplace can be used to find venues and DJs for both commercial and private events. A snippet of the venue or DJs information is displayed on the Lynk marketplace. An event organizer can scroll and compare their different options.

The Lynk Profile pages:

Venues and DJs can register themselves and get access to a personalized profile page for free. This profile page will receive information that describes their performance level. A venue can display information related to capacity, venue hire, and supported event types, among others. A DJ can display information related to their preferred music genres, links to their SoundCloud and social media, and previous event history, among others. All an event organizer has to do is view this information and make a decision.

The Lynk Messenger:

Lynk has a messaging service that allows event organizers to contact DJs and events directly. Whenever a message is sent, the receiver will find a notification in their email conveying that they have received a message. The Lynk Messenger allows communications to be saved in the chat history.

Lynk creates a platform for the hustlers. Our vision is to empower the event organizer by decreasing event risk while increasing customer satisfaction. Our innovation will never stop, with plenty of new features on our product roadmap.

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