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How To Get The First Gig As A DJ

So you got your entire DJ equipment, built your records, sharpened your skills, and you are ready to play. You know how fantastic you are, and it makes you feel like starting to rock the dance floor - but the problem is that the shows don't seem to come.

This dilemma is familiar to many inexperienced DJs. After the gigs begin, it's simpler, but the most challenging part is finding your first gig to demonstrate your abilities before that happens.

Lynk Events comes with some proven tips for beginner DJs, which help them understand how to get their first gig as a DJ.

Tips for Beginner to Get Their First DJ Gig

Are you getting tired of dj-ing at home in front of your friends? There are some specific shortcuts to get the first gig. Do you like to learn those essential tips? Then read the following information on how to achieve your first DJ gig!

Create an Eye-Catching Public Page:

Despite the fact that much of your promotion will take place on social media, it is critical to have a concentrated spot for all of your work and vital information. So make an eye-catching public information page for yourself. It will be your personal portfolio.

It's a central spot for potential fans to listen to your mixes, find out where you play, and learn about your style.

A decent DJ website may include:

  • A dashboard for all your important links.

  • A list of your genres.

  • A collection of your most outstanding photographs.

  • A mobile-friendly design — mobile devices accounts carry more than half of all online traffic.

  • A concert calendar so that people may locate your events.

  • A method for gaining email subscribers.

It's a website where you have complete control (unlike Facebook, etc.) and can select how you want to display yourself to the public.

Be Active On Your Social Media Account & Promote Your Skill:

Don't use social media as a silent user. Consider it as a channel via which you may communicate with your existing and prospective followers.

Your social media behavior is part of your brand! Don't over-promote your services. It will be known as a spamming DJ. We've all heard about that annoying DJ.

Furthermore, original material that generates engagement from your followers will be rewarded by current social networks. So, how do these platforms calculate "engagement"? By tracking how many people engage with you and your content. Likes, shares, followers, hearts, and views all contribute to how your posts rank.

Create your public portfolio on Lynk now.

Start Preparing Electronic Media Kit:

A website with specific press kit items is an excellent approach to impress potential bookers, mainly if you are outside your network.

A decent EPK comprises several of your finest pictures, a short biography, some of your best tunes or mixes, social media, and contact details. If you have one, it is also lovely to include a marketing video. More on the following.

You may even spice it up a bit by adding a short quotation, particularly anything that characterizes your sound from media or a prior booking agency.

Make a Promo Video:

A short film that shows your skills and illustrates your brand is a beautiful way to stand out in a season of DJs looking for attention.

There should be an extensive advertising film (30-90 seconds) that might include:

  • Your basic introduction.

  • A short talk on your music and mixes.

  • Facts, endorsements, honors up to three murderers (if you have them).

  • Testimonials (particularly mobile DJs).

  • Information about social media.

Do your investigations:

Getting a DJ gig is not an easy task to deal with. You must think forward! You must think creatively! Try to investigate the recent music trends, watch videos on DJ-ing and gather some knowledge from experts.

Scope Out Other DJ Clubs:

There is little prospect of taking part in this community without an inside understanding of your local music.

Search for other nightclubs and places that fit your sound. Or new concepts may be open. Find out more about your area's pub and shakers. Build a resource for yourself.

Talk to event organizers:

Do not neglect to interact with the individuals who can offer you concerts!

Whether you are playing for them actively or hopefully in the future, friendly and mutually beneficial ties must continue to be fostered.

Create a page to contact event organizers on Lynk now.

Think Out of The Box:

DJs are often limited to themselves only if they have always played the same sort of concerts. Always try to think in a creative way. There is more scope to get a job by a creative person than a non-creative one.

Make a pitch:

Once you know and understand the management at your venue, it's time to perform and play.

You need to explain what you provide and why you think it's going to succeed.

It is also time to tell them what you have done and what you have played in the past. Try to be sound as professional as you can, and you might need to talk about anything you've done if you have little experience behind you. But avoid straight lies at the same time.

Recall the Follow Up:

On the first proposal, not every gig is scored. Many DJs are making a significant error to never monitor individuals once with them after "networking!"

You will also notice increased outcomes if you continue to contact each other.

Get an agent:

This is one about which most people don't think, but it is worth considering - join the agency.

Agents have the task of finding DJs for venues and events. Thus it may be an excellent approach to get into the books of an agency.

Bottom Line

Don't forget that DJs who behave like a professional are most likely to get their first gig very quickly. Don't be overconfident; follow the basics. Learn the necessary skills of DJ-ing a bar and keep working hard until you get the right opportunity. This is all about how to get your first gig as a DJ.

Join Lynk Events to organize your own event.

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