How to DJ at a Bar - The Complete Guide

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Are you curious about How to be a DJ? Dj-ing is a kind of art. You may also see it as technical abilities accumulated over many years. You probably had already developed your talents before deciding that you would like to learn how to DJ a bar.

Learn it accurately, find a decent bar, analyze the music industry, investigate artists, read blogs, compile your playlists and organize your music library (again!).

Lynk is an exceptional start-up that helps to develop state-of-the-art events for event organizers. We organize the party at bars and also provide DJs entertainment at bars.

So today, Lynk events will share their experience on "how to DJ a bar" in the rest of the context.

Things to Consider Before DJ-Ing A Bar

So what's the primary parameter of DJ-ing a bar? There are five key parameters:

  • Bar atmosphere

  • A suitable music selection

  • Technique of selling beverages

  • Decent DJ gear

  • Ways to get re-Hired

Besides these 5, there are other things to check. Let's learn deeply about those parameters:

How To Get Hired?

Once you've decided to work at a bar as a DJ, you'll need to contact the bar authority first. It may take several additional visits to locate the appropriate management or owner who can make a choice.

Try to fix an interview with the bar management or owner. Explain that you want to work as a DJ and respectfully inquire whether there is any vacant position for DJ.

Once you've demonstrated your worth to the bar manager or owner, make them an offer that is fair to both of you.

So the basic steps of getting hired are:

  • Understand the Bar's Goals

  • Meet the Decision Maker

  • Submit a Logical Proposal

  • Complete the Deal

Understand The Bar Atmosphere

What bar offers? A place to hang out with your friends, meet new individuals and relax? A bar can provide more than that! Every piece of music at the bar will give you a top-class vibe. When a bar's night focuses on music, it's counted as a concert.

Performing DJ at the bar is not a matter of joke. You must demonstrate to the audience your abilities and skills. Even if there is a dance floor, don't expect people to come up and dance. Recognize and play with the vibe of the bar atmosphere.

During party time, you have to deal with lots of guests at your bar. Your primary objective is to give them the ultimate vibe to remain longer. So at first learn the atmosphere of the bar and enjoy the DJ-ing.

Get The Proper Accessories

Before you go out to a bar, make sure you have the proper equipment packed in.

Because mixers differ, bring a jack plug converter for your headphones to convert it from a 1/4′′ to a 3.5mm (1/8′′). And don't forget your adapter; it's the most usual item for a DJ to forget.

Be Careful While Choosing Music

The songs you choose need to match with the bar's standard. It is so essential to select the correct music for the targeted audience. It would help if you started with the music which is most attractive to your audience. That's why understanding the current trend of music is really important.

The music you require for any event should be more than the actual performing hours.

Gear You Need To Bring

The equipment you need to bring relies on what you observed and what the management thinks you can deliver on your first visit. Some bars will offer the necessary equipment. But if you have your gear, then bring it on! Performing with your kit will be easier.

Check Everything in Advance

Don't forget to test your gear or equipment before your performance. The optimum time to do this is a week or two before the venue will open for the general public.

Speak to the bar manager to get some time to test and make sure all works correctly. You can also prepare or purchase new equipment by this time. Remember, if you don't play, you can't get paid, and if your equipment doesn't function, you can't play.

Set Up Your Gear

It's straightforward to set up your gears according to the plan. If you use the entire configuration, the setup of your DJ set will take some extra time. You can take help from the bar management for this purpose.

Read The Crowd & Interact With Them

Start with a familiar song or a song that you know very well. Maintain the music and the enthusiasm in the room.

Play with the audience. Don't be nervous & try to enjoy the atmosphere during the night. Don't be shy to communicate to the audience. Try to interact with them & ask them if they enjoy the song or not.

Promote drinks and Enhance The Sells

Your main aim is to get more sales for the owners. Use your music's intensity and pace to motivate the activity of the audience. Slow pace music will encourage consumers to order more during slow times. Quicker music will work during busy hours.

Take The Audience Requests

While playing music, you will get some requests from your crowds. Listen to the request & think about it. If it is suitable for the environment, then play it for the crowd. It will make the audience happy.

Bottom Line

So this is all about how to DJ a bar! Want to rehire yourself while you're paid? Talk about how the night went to the owner or management. What did they think? Ask them about your performance? Did your music enjoy their clients? What is their feedback? What were the sales last night?

Describe your idea of how you will offer value to the bar. You have a fantastic possibility to get hired to perform again if you sell more drinks.

Do you want to execute a good event in the near future? Or like to learn more about event management, party drinks, and start-ups? Just visit Lynk Events!

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